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Campervan Park

Great Mobile
Internet for RVs

Getting functional and reliable mobile internet in your RV has never been easier!

With our service, you will get a fast internet connection just about everywhere you travel in your RV. Our modems work in all 50 states.

How it works:
  • As you travel in your RV, our modem will recognize the closest and strongest tower and will connect to that tower automatically.

  • All you will need is power to the modem. And the RV modems will work fine on solar or generator.  The modem uses 55 Watts of power.

  • Anytime you relocate your RV, the modem will sync up with the closest tower automatically.

  • Power up and enjoy amazing internet wherever the road takes you!

Things you can do:
  • Stream TV in your RV (Netflix, HULU, Prime, etc)

  • Work remotely

  • Zoom

  • Homeschool your kids

  • Surf the internet with fast speeds

  • Monitor your cameras back at home

  • Game online

internet in your rv

If you depend on the internet daily or work while traveling in your RV, it is a good idea to have your own internet connection.  RV parks sometimes provide internet connections, but those connections are notorious for being slow and not secure.  Never do online banking on a public internet connection!  The more people logged into the RV park's public internet connection, the slower the connection.  This is known as congestion.  With our RV modems, you will have a secure and direct connection to the closest tower, avoiding congestion on the public wifi.

Options for 

getting internet in an RV:


The absolute best overall choice for getting high-speed internet in your RV. Do all the things you do with your home internet.  A must-have for full-time RV'ers and people that work from their RV.  Our modems have been tested and vetted to be the most reliable way to get internet on the road.  These modems can pick up a tower signal up to 17 miles away!

Satellite Internet 

This option can be expensive.  The bulky equipment can be difficult to set up and aim.  Not to mention, this service can cost thousands of dollars and require long-term commitments. 

Public Wifi 

This is the cheapest option, but also the hardest to get consistent access to. Coffee shops, truck stops, public rest areas, and restaurants.  These networks are not considered "secure" since anyone can access them.


Although you can use one anywhere there is a cell signal, this option is really only viable for very light users. Forget about streaming movies or TV... Hotspots will have data limits and your connection speed will slow once you reach a certain amount of use.  Most of these hotspots are marketed as "unlimited", but in fact, are not.

mobile internet for rv'ers

  • Seasonal plans available

  • Flat fee (no surprises or overage charges)

  • Works great on the go!



"Being able to work remotely from the RV is a game changer for me and my wife. We usually aren't in one location for more than a month and so far, everywhere we have been has had a great connection with ANewWayToNet"

Joe C.
Gillete, WY
Image by Julian Hochgesang

Have Questions? Get in Touch With Our Team: (719) 838-0964

  • Great for use in an RV

  • Tough and rugged industrial design

  • Compact but powerful 4G/LTE & WiFi

  • 2.4G and 5G wifi bands

  • Comes activated, simply plug and play. 

  • Risk free trial included

  • Best choice for streaming/gaming

  • For those that want the fastest

  • This modem has small ports to easily add an external antenna

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