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  • This "new on the market" Residential LTE Modem adds built in dual band Wi-Fi, more bands to connect to more cellular towers, more output power for reaching towers at a distance, the ability to add an external antenna, and does not require a separate router. Simply plug the modem into power, connect to its Wi-Fi network, and enjoy instant internet access via this cellular LTE connection.
  • Our new Residential LTE Modem is the perfect device for all your home or small business needs.  
  • Speeds on this modem are much faster than previous generations of LTE modems.  This modem will scan available bands and lock onto the one with the most powerful signal.  If that band drops in signal, it will automatically scan and lock onto another stronger band.  All this is done seamlessly and makes for a very fast, responsive connection to the internet.

WTI Residential Modem

SKU: 98986
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