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  • Please verify with us that your location is able to get a signal for this modem.  Although widely available now in rural America, there are still a few locations that will  not get a signal due to towers not being updated yet.  We can check this and give you a definite answer before purchasing.
  • This modem/router combo is the latest and greatest on the market.  Much faster than any other modem in its class.  Perfect for rural homes that are up to 17 miles from the closest tower.  With new integrations, this modem now picks up additional bands that were not previously available.  Speeds with this modem can reach up to 300mbps, but the average customer will see speeds of around 75-125mbps.
  • Utilizes the new WIFI-6 protocol.  WIFI-6 can be up to 50% faster than older WIFI protocols.  This means better signal penetration throughout  your home, and faster speeds.  Wi-Fi 6 is a substantial upgrade over previous generations, though the differences may not seem immediately obvious to the average user. These changes might not dramatically change the way we use wireless routers or wireless networking but instead consist of many incremental improvements that stack up to be a substantial upgrade. 
  • Faster Wi-Fi means better upload and download speeds (or throughput) due to the increased bandwidth afforded by Wi-Fi 6. This is becoming increasingly important as file sizes continue to increase, along with the higher data demands of streaming high-quality video and communication-heavy online gaming. Playing a multiplayer game while also streaming to Twitch* requires large amounts of bandwidth and a reliable and stable connection.

    So, how much faster is Wi-Fi 6?

  • 9.6 Gbps is the maximum throughput of Wi-Fi 6 across multiple channels. In contrast, Wi-Fi 5 offers a maximum of 3.5 Gbps. These are theoretical maximums however; in real-world situations, local networks may not reach this top speed. That said, because that maximum is shared across multiple devices, devices with Wi-Fi 6 can enjoy significantly faster speeds even if they don’t reach the maximum potential.
  • Speeds can be faster when compared to Wi-Fi 5. This assumes you’re using a Wi-Fi router with a single device. Wi-Fi 6 can achieve higher data transfer speeds through a variety of techniques, starting with more efficient data encoding and intelligent use of the wireless spectrum made possible by more powerful processors.
  • Wi-Fi 6 can result in up to 75% less latency. It achieves this by handling large amounts of network traffic more efficiently. For gamers, this means faster game downloads, better upload speeds for streaming gameplay, and more reliable media multitasking.
  • Wi-Fi 6 brings wired and wireless signals closer to parity. This potentially frees more users from the constraints of being hardwired to their modem. Many gamers or content creators still connect directly to routers or network switches via Ethernet cables instead of taking advantage of the flexibility that wireless networking provides. Wi-Fi 6 helps further bridge the gap between wired and wireless connectivity.

5G Internet Gateway w/WIFI-6

SKU: 98985
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