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How do I get service?

  • ANewWayToNet provides internet access using AT&T and T-Mobile cell tower networks. You’ll purchase a modem from us and we will ship it out activated and ready to use with service from the carrier we determine will work best at your location. We contact all new subscribers after the purchase to discuss signal at your location.

How much does it cost?

  • To get started, you will need to purchase the modem from our website for $139.00 and a router if you need one, plus there is a one-time activation fee of 25.00. You can also opt for the MoFi which is a modem/router combo. The service is then 99.00 plus tax per month. 

What is the activation fee for?

  • We incur various types of overhead to provide this service at the price we do, the activation fee helps cover the manpower and software to manage things.

Do you have any discounts for larger accounts with multiple devices?

  • We do have discounted pricing for the purchase of several accounts. Contact us for pricing.

Where are your services available?

  • If cell phone services work inside your home, typically our service will work as well. Currently we have service through AT&T and T-Mobile with Verizon coming soon. 

Are there any long-term contracts?

  • There are currently no long-term contracts, however we will be starting a leasing program soon in which you can lease the equipment and get a small discount on the service for signing a one-year or two-year agreement.

Can this be used for a business?

  • Absolutely, this service can be used for a home or business.

Do I need a wireless router?

  • If you order the LB1120, then you will need a wireless router. You can purchase a wireless router from our website or you can supply one. Optionally, you can connect hard wired devices without one, but we highly recommend using one. 

Will any router work?

  • Most any new router will work if it has an Ethernet input. Routers supplied by other internet providers will not work, nor will a router with a DSL or coax input. We suggest one with wireless N or AC standards for the best results. Again, you can purchase one from our website.

 Can I use my own modem?

  • No.  You will need to purchase the modem through us.

Will service work at my location?

  • Most of CO, TX, and NM are covered and there is a risk free 7-day trial for you to test it out. Typically, if a cell phone with service from T-Mobile or AT&T works well inside your home, our service will also work. If cell service works outside your home, but does not work inside your home, then you may still be able to get service with the addition of a cell booster.

Why can’t I just use my cell phone data and tether to it?

  • There are three reasons why this service is different. First, your cell phone provider is going to limit you to 10-15 Gigabytes of data and then throttle your speeds. That’s enough for a couple of HD movies before you see speeds slow. Our service is truly unlimited and there aren’t any data caps or throttling. Second, our service comes with a dedicated device with an Ethernet output. This means you can plug the modem into a router and connect hard wired devices as well as wireless devices. In addition, if you tether to your phone data all your home devices will have to connect to your phone to use the internet. Third, our device can also connect to an outside antenna for better reception and increased speeds, in the case cell coverage at your home is on the outer range of the cell tower signal.

Is the service truly unlimited or is this just a sales tactic?

  • The data is truly unlimited for normal home usage, this means movie streaming, online gaming, and surfing the internet. This does not mean you can setup a commercial server for a host of computers to access or take part in illegal activities like a torrenting. If you are not purposely abusing the connection, then you’ll be fine. Most households use an average of around 200 Gigabytes per month, and that’s more than enough data for most users. If you must have more than 300G per month on a consistent basis, we can set you up with two service accounts.

What if I order service and I don’t get the results I expected?

  • If you order service and the speeds aren’t what you expected, the first thing to try is to try moving the modem to another location in the house. Refer to the FAQ “What can I do to make sure I’m getting the best speeds available?”. If you have followed these steps and still aren’t getting good speeds, we can send you a new SIM with a different carrier to try. If we ship you a different SIM, you will have 7 days from the time you receive it to test things out and still get a full refund. For example, if you get the modem and three days later after going through the steps we provide you still can’t get decent speeds, simply contact us and we will ship you a new SIM with a different carrier. If you try several carriers and it isn’t working out, simply contact us within 7 days and we will fully refund your purchase.

What if the speeds are not consistent?

  • If speeds are not consistent there are a few of things that could be happening. If the speeds have been consistent and suddenly slowed, then reboot the modem by powering it off and back on again. If you just received the device and speeds are slow, then refer to the FAQ “What can I do to make sure I’m getting the best speeds available?”. There is always the possibility the speeds may slow from network congestion in your area as all public networks can be affected by this from time to time. If you think this is the case, then just give it some time. Lastly, there could be some maintenance being done or upgrades to the tower you are using. Contact us if you feel this may be the case and we can verify.  

Should I cancel my existing internet service?

  • As much as we want you to be our long-term customer, we recommend testing out the new service for a week to make sure things work out the way you expect them to. Using cell towers for your internet service can be awesome if you get the speeds you need, but we wouldn’t want to you to incur any cancellation fees that might be associated with cancelling you existing service should things not work out.

How does the free 7-day trial work?

  • We have a 7-day risk free return policy. If you order the service and things don’t work out, simply contact us for a full refund. We will allow you to try a different SIM if the one we choose doesn’t work out. You will then have 7 more days from the time you receive the device to try out the new SIM.

What speeds should I expect?

  • We cannot guarantee any speeds, but we have seen download speeds as high as 100mbps and upload speeds as high as 40mbps. It all depends on how far you are from the tower you are connected to and the amount of congestion there is on that tower. If your speeds are not good, then you may be on the outside of the signal from that tower, as congestion is typically temporary. If this is the case, refer to the FAQ on how to get the best speeds. Averages are between 15-25mbps down.

 Is this service good for online gaming?

  • This is a common question, and the answer is absolutely. As with any connection, the speeds do come into play, so if you are getting good speeds then it should work great with online games as the latency is low. Our typical speeds with reference to ping times are usually between 30-60ms.

Can I setup remote access to my home or a VPN?

  • Absolutely. There are some settings that will need to be changed, but your IT manager should be able to assist you with that. Keep in mind bridging the modem may decrease the security of your network, so be sure to consult with the right IT person to ensure you stay protected.

Can I get a static IP address?

  • Static IP addresses can be assigned for 15.00 per month. Please allow 1 day for processing it.

How secure is this service?

  • Our modem is as secure as any other modem on the market. We do not manage the network hardware or cell towers, so you will want to treat it as you would any other internet service and take the proper steps to protect your network. Antivirus software and the proper settings in your router should be considered top priority, as with any network connected to the internet.

How many devices can the service handle?

  • Our service can handle any number of devices, but routers typically have a device limit of 250. When streaming multiple services simultaneously, you will need good speeds to do this without any buffering. If you have good speed you can run multiple devices with simultaneous streams with no issues.

Can I use this device for mobile internet applications?

  • Absolutely, the modem can connect to any tower using the provided carriers SIM. You can also put the SIM card into the Unify mobile hotspot available on our website and use it on the run, however if you damage the SIM there will be a replacement fee if you need a new one. Keep in mind you cannot change carriers on the Unify hotspot once it’s used, so we recommend finalizing your home modem first.

How does this service compare to satellite internet or point to point?

  • Cell based internet has much less latency than satellite internet, so you will notice the buffering will go away when streaming video. There is also typically a data cap with satellite-based internet as well, we are unlimited. Satellite internet is also generally a lot more expensive than our service. Point to point networks can become congested easily and are also typically capped on the amount of data, so you see reduced speeds after you use more data than they allow.

What if I move, can I take this service to a new location?

  • You can take the service with you to a new location, however you will need to confirm there is cell signal present at the new location. If the signal present at the new location is a different carrier than what you have, we can send you a different modem with a different provider for a nominal fee.

How does installation work?

  • Installation can be as easy as simply plugging in the modem and using it. This is the best-case scenario, and in a lot of cases this is all that’s necessary. Should you be on the outside of the range of the cell signal, refer to the FAQ “What can I do to make sure I’m getting the best speeds available?”. To get the most out of your modem speeds, you can install an outdoor antenna or cell booster.


Returns and Troubleshooting


What can I do to make sure I’m getting the best speeds available?

If you have setup the new modem and you aren’t getting good speeds, or you want to get the best speeds possible, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Cell signal coming from the tower is coming from a certain direction, make sure you have installed the modem in a location that has the fewest obstacles between you and the tower. If signal is not great in the center of the home, try going to a location facing each of the 4 directions to determine the direction of the tower. Signals will typically penetrate a window better than say a stone or brick wall, so use this to your advantage.

  2. To determine the best location, the easiest way is to take a laptop and plug the ethernet cable directly from the modem to your laptop. Open a speed test website and test the speeds in different locations to see where you get the best speeds. This is likely the direction of the tower.

  3. If you have found the best location for the modem and are getting good speeds, however the performance isn’t very good on a device you are using then check to see what Wi-Fi connection you are using. Wireless routers and devices these days have a 2.5G and a 5G connection you can connect to. If the device you are using supports 5G, use it as it is a lot faster than the 2.5G connection. When you go through the connection process on the device, you’ll know if it supports the 5G connection because it will be listed as an option. If 2.5G is the only option, likely the device doesn’t support 5G. In this case we recommend upgrading to a device that does.

  4. If you have checked several locations inside the home and cannot find a location that gets good speeds, then try testing it outside if possible. This will determine if an outside antenna or cell booster will help the situation. If you don’t want to go to these lengths and or don’t want to invest in an outdoor antenna, then you can fill out the form to try a different carrier here.

How do I return my device and cancel service if things don’t work out?

  • If you have tried multiple carriers, followed the troubleshooting steps, and things just aren’t working out, simply contact us for a full refund. Be sure to go through the troubleshooting steps first, there may be a simple solution.